christmas lights market cinnamon festive wooden stalls frozen iceskating dark lit up

lights no glass wooden stall decorate excitementpure white christmas ornaments lady wooden santas hand painted glass                                                                                                                                             glass painted ball balls                                                                                                                            translucent red green white little-apple hanging detalied twirls with the wind                                                    The christmas flickering lights grabs your attention.

The frozen gravel crunches against your feet with each step; reminding you that winter has settled in. You are able to smell the cinniom that drifts through the icy air, telling everyone that it is christmas time. The market ahead of you radiates warmth, and calls you towards it’s jolly atmospher. Your excitment sinks in as you reach the wooden stalls that are scattered across the lively up street. Every buliding and stall you can see is lit up with a sprinkel of lights that insures that the chirstmas spirt is spread. There is one stall that stands among the busyness, that catches your eye. You look at the open stall which is carefully framed with wooden planks. The details on the wood dances across each plank carelessly, which draws you in closer. Glass christmas ornaiments hang down twirling slowly in the light winter breeze. On each glass ball there is a diffreent story that is told through the detailed paintings. You focus on this one hanging alone, it has tiny hand painted snowflakes that seem to come alive. The intesnes white reminds you of many days you spent in the mountains. On the ball among the wild storm sits a ever green tree that stand proudly protecting the presents below. Each painted ribbion has a unique pattern


















All the clolours in this stall represent the The intense white of the wooden santas that stand proud remind you of they days you spent in mountains. This evening has been a peaceful and calm, which is not common for you.


It is

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