Adams Silvera’s They both die at the end is both heartbreaking and beautiful.

How would you spend your last day to live if you were warned 24 hours earlier? Well for Mateo and Rufus they search for a friend to spend their last day with. Adam Silvera brings fate, complicated characters and a foreign world with the Death Dast into the book magnificently. Throughout this book, you will be taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, and by the end, you will have felt all the emotions for love and loss. It begins with Mateo and Rufus receiving a call from the Death Cast telling them they are both going to die today. This results in each character reacting differently. For Mateo it is to stay in his room and for Rufus, it is to have a funeral while living. Eventually, Mateo and Rufus meet through an app which is created for people who have no one on their last day. From their unbreakable able friendships are made and others strengthen.

Every character has their own charisma, which affects their choices on their last day. Instead of trying to avoid death Mateo and Rufus live their day to the fullest. The Death Casts call benefits them because they each grow as a person and face their troubles. The book storyline goes for just under 24 hours but you are still able to see the growth of the relationships. Mateo has regrets over not living his life and ready to start taking some risks. “Maybe it’s better to have gotten it right and been happy for one day instead of living a lifetime of wrongs.” This quote, from the book, shows that beautiful connections can be found and made in a day. Somethings you search for over a long period of time and are unable to find; others can appear out of the blue. Adam Silvera portrays this in the book which brings loveliness to the story. It also shows that even in the shortest of time you are still able to create unbreakable bonds.

The Death Cast is a service that calls you on the day you are going to die to inform you that it is your last day. The purpose of this is to allow people to spend their last day with family, friends or however is meaningful for them. “Leaving means living before you die,”  and this is exactly what the Death Cast gives deckers (people who have on last day) the chance to do. The Death Cast allows Mateo to step out of his comfort zone and truly live one last time. This quote from sums up what Rufus and Mateo strive to do, which the reader is able to go on the journey with them. This concept in the book brings a compelling sadness to the story, but it allows the characters to say their last goodbye, and grieve for the living.

The book is written in multiple perspectives which gives the reader insight into the rest of the world. Both Rufus and Mateo are going through pain, and the other perspectives show that they aren’t the only ones. You get to see the perspectives of Death Cast callers and their mental struggle of their job and deckers and their choices when they receive the call. It shows that people who are famous can’t cheat death or that even with piles of money you aren’t able to pay away it too. My favourite perspectives were the ones that Mateo and Rufus had impacted even though they small events they still left a mark. Each short perspective added its own little story and they all fit together to create one big emotional one.

“No matter how we live, we both die at the end.” They both die at the end is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Overall the book is carefully written to take you through all the emotions. It is full of sorrow, joy, sincerity and passion. Each event and character add to the book to make it a wonderful read.  By picking up the book you enter a whirlwind of emotions that will stick with you long after you have completed the book.

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