Comercial animal testing should be banned.

Comercial animal testing is is causing the animals pain and suufering therefore it should be banned world wide. Throughout history humans have continuesoly experminted and tested on animals for our benifit. When we are testing product on animals we are inflicting harmful injurys and death. Many things are places in their eyes; to do this anilmals such as rabbaits have their eyes fored open. We expose them to chemicals just so we can understand the effects that might occcur, and to see if a product is dangerous. Each year over 100 million animals dies in labortories in Americia, and 95% of tests that were proved safe on animals were still harmful to humans. This shows that animal testing isnt allways effective, and the animals still have to go through the tests. It is clear that comericial animal testing is not worth the results if we are severly harming animals. Technology is improving, and their are other ways to test products that dont cause any animal pain.

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