The banned word challenge

I watch as the gloominess coats the deserted street that lays before me, spreading its freezing touch across the silent town. The old clock stands alone; over the years it has developed a slight lean. Even at this inky hour you can still see the wear and tear that is present. The clock’s hand reaches the three letting the town know that witching hour has struck. Everyone has hidden themselves into their homes from the masked creatures. The rumours of the supernatural figures spread across the town like a wild fire. Each story that is told is exaggerated each time it is passed on. The rumours start for a reason, many think it is mist that clings to this town, and how it has mastered tricking the eye. The warmth that hugs the house their to protect me from the horrors outside. The glow from out side casts mysterious shadows across my room. The glass pane that stares back at me is what help keeps to the creatures from the uncertain world on the other side. It closes me off to the world giving me a chance to let my thoughts take over. They swirl through me as the peaceful yet spine-chilling scene continues on. Abandoning my post I close the blinds to truly shut me out from the early frosty morning.

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